Digital signage is one of the most common advertisement tools you will see around you. Whether it is a digital standee for hospitals, fixed digital boards, Mobile digital boards, or responsive digital signage, you will find them everywhere as they are easy to deploy in various industries. In this article, we have collated data and information from some of the top manufacturers of digital signage about the likely trend in this sector. While automation, Mobile integration as well as responsive digital signage has entered the market in a big way, there are several other innovations in this field that are waiting in the wings which can truly revolutionise this type of advertisement. If you are interested in this type of advertisement, then the information shared here will help you a great deal in making an informed decision about your future advertisement options.

Touch-enabled digital signage has come into the market. Some of these are also gesture enabled and include proximity sensors. It shows a digital menu board from which a visitor can get information and interact with it by turning multiple pages without touching the display. While this kind of digital signage is found in only the most high-profile areas like malls, airports, and others, with time, more and more enterprises will switch to this form of digital advertisement. It allows the target audience to look for the information they want and not be bombarded with other messages that they don’t find interesting.

Large Screens

More and more entrepreneurs will use large format displays to use high-quality digital feeds for advertisement purposes. Such large displays with highly flexible mounting options, seamless compatibility with applications, and24/7 usability will become quite common in the urban setup. To fit your workplace need you can pick a model with the screen resolution that you will need (you don’t need ultra-high frequency screen resolution for every single place). Additionally, you will find bezel-less displays that can be fitted with side-by-side configurations with almost invisible lines between individual screens to display your message on a build a big screen to attract the attention of your target audience. You will find these digital signages in malls, airports, menu boards, tourist destination is, educational institutions, and so on. Such displays can be easily customised as per the content so that you can show your feed either in portrait or landscape mode. Experts believe that in the future highly interactive displays would be accompanied by 3D audio effects to give you a real-life experience.

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